The Virtual Sales and Marketing Assistance company, otherwise known as VSMA, is an outsourcing solution for small-to-midsized businesses. VSMA provides sales and marketing strategy and execution for companies looking to improve qualified lead generation and customer acquisition, while reducing opportunity costs and customer churn in the process. VSMA’s team of seasoned marketing and sales professionals present a cost effective solution to businesses looking to streamline their sales processes, providing a full-scope of services including prospect mining, digital and phone prospecting, data entry, CRM reporting and email marketing solutions.


VSMA was struggling to improve email campaign performance for its client, focused on marketing to a real estate audience. The client had provided its own lead lists for VSMA to target, but the lists they provided were ineffective. With longstanding success in optimizing email campaigns, and with little traction on this particular client’s campaigns, the VSMA team knew that the low open rates were likely the result of low quality lists. The lists were outdated, the leads were not qualified, and VSMA was wasting valuable time optimizing emails for the wrong audience by using their lists.


The VSMA team knew that in order to effectively increase traction with leads, they would need to source qualified real estate prospects for their client’s business. VSMA set out to purchase targeted lead lists for real estate, but found that many data companies provided poor quality lists. The data provided often included generic, outdated emails (including info@ emails, yahoo and gmail accounts) with low deliverability. VSMA needed to find a reliable data company with high deliverability on lists in order to improve open rates on the client’s email campaigns.

VSMA turned to mailerstaton to test its data quality. They were intrigued by mailerstaton’s custom list building tool, but wanted to test the data prior to committing. mailerstaton offered a free, customized real estate list for them to test. The list was highly targeted to VSMA’s lead qualifications, filtered by industry, job level and title, region, company size and number of employees. The team was pleasantly surprised to find a deliverability rate of 98% and an initial open rate of 29% on the first email sent to this sample group. mailerstaton provides a minimum 95%+ deliverability guarantee and full list ownership; so, after testing the sample list, VSMA purchased the list of qualified real estate prospects for its client. They began by testing 1,000 contacts over a period of six weeks.


VSMA purchased the full real estate list from for its client, and was delivered a highly-targeted, human-verified list as an .xls download.

1000 Contacts, 6 Weeks

  • Deliverability Rate: 97.8%
  • Average Open Rate: 27.89%
  • Average Click-Through Rate (CTR): 6.2%
  • Response Rate: 3.6%
  • Conversion Rate: 1.5%
  • Accounts Closed over 6 Weeks: 15

By using mailerstaton, VSMA was able to leverage highly-targeted real estate lists for its client, closing fifteen new accounts in under six weeks. This outreach is still ongoing, as the average campaigns take a minimum of 7-10 touches over a period of 2-3 months to optimize campaign performance.