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Purchase a medical email list of doctors and health professionals to find and connect with them based on specialty. When you purchase a verified medical doctor list by specialty, you can email doctors and those who would be interested in your service. Connect using a pre-built, accurate healthcare email database, including addresses and phone numbers. As an all-in-one solution, our affordable healthcare email lists serve as a healthcare email database for better B2B email marketing and as your doctor mailing list for sending letters or samples. Buy a medical contact list and find sales leads today!

Healthcare Professionals

You can select a ready-made list from below or create your own list.

Allergy and Immunology

1,492 Contacts
Find allergy and immunology clinics and specialists easily by pulling these targeted, validated active email lead lists.


20,277 Contacts
Target your marketing campaign to include experts in perioperative medicine. Find anesthesiologists at multiple hospitals and institutions.


863 Contacts
Ear doctors emails are available and ready to download in this human-verified list. Find audiology doctors in minutes after buying this physician database.

Canadian Registered Nurses

9,080 Contacts
Reach out to Canadian RNs and tell them about your health-related product or service with this human-verified Canadian registered nurses email database.


13,568 Contacts
Look up heart doctors and experts with this directory. Download it, integrate it into your CRM, and start contacting cardiologists.

Chiropractors In Canada

1,132 Contacts
Look up Canadian chiropractors easily with this downloadable directory, which includes emails, phone numbers, fax numbers, and more!

Chiropractors In USA

11,071 Contacts
After purchasing's email list of chiropractors across the US, download it and begin networking right away.

Dentists In Canada

3,803 Contacts
Look up dentists in Canada with our accurate directory, which includes emails, names, titles, phone numbers, and more.

Dentists In UK

1,744 Contacts
Network with UK-based dentists after pulling accurate contact information with the help of!

Dentists In USA

51,002 Contacts
Use our reliable information to find dentists across the US. You can start marketing to dentists within minutes.


8,212 Contacts
Are you marketing a skin-related pharmaceutical or product? Pull a list of dermatologists and their offices here.

Diabetes Specialist

1,598 Contacts
Contact diabetes-related offices. Look up the contact information of diabetes experts with this downloadable database.

Ears Nose Throat (ENT), Otolaryngology, Otorhinolaryngology

4,745 Contacts
Network with ear, nose, and throat (ENT) specialists within minutes of pulling this directory.

Emergency Medicine

9,807 Contacts
Help EMTs get to their patients faster with your product: Contact ambulance drivers and EMTs with this directory.


2,060 Contacts
Talk about your hormone-related product with the right people after downloading this premium email list of endocrinologists.

Family And General Practice

30,987 Contacts
Pull an extensive list of general practitioners to contact family practice offices and clinics.


3,386 Contacts
Show gastroenterologists your digestion-relevant product, pharmaceutical, or service with this helpful data product. Download it now!

General Surgeon

1,609 Contacts
Use this surgeon email list to find general surgeons at multiple hospitals, clinics, and offices.


829 Contacts
Connect with the professional doctors serving elderly patients with this email list and find geriatricians and gerontologists in minutes!


833 Contacts
Send emails or mail or call hematologists at hospitals or institutions with the help of our accurate directory.

Infectious Disease

1,581 Contacts
Infectious disease departments and experts can be contacted in just minutes after purchasing this list.

Internal Medicine

47,388 Contacts
Buy this database and start connecting with internal medicine departments and offices of hospitals and clinics.


1,779 Contacts
Market your healing product or service to alternative medicine experts, including acupuncturists, holistic medicine doctors, and herbalists.


2,131 Contacts
If you have a dialysis-, urine-, kidney-, or otherwise renal-related product, let nephrologists know about it with this list.

Neurology, Neurosurgery

7,483 Contacts
Easily find brain surgeons and doctors's extensive list. Look up neurologists and neurosurgeons now.

Nuclear Medicine

792 Contacts
Market to the nuclear medicine specialists who often aid in accurate diagnoses of numerous diseases using our qualified doctor email list.

Nurse Practitioners In Canada

722 Contacts
Download this directory of nurse practitioners in Canada and start marketing to this reliable network of experienced nurses.

Nurse Practitioners In USA

11,459 Contacts
Can your company help take care of medicine's most valuable caretakers? Find nurse practitioners in the US!

Obstetrics and Gynecology

10,928 Contacts
Discuss female-oriented pharmaceuticals and medical products with gynecologists and obstetricians using our helpful data sets.

Occupational Medicine

1,221 Contacts
Discuss female-oriented pharmaceuticals and medical products with gynecologists and obstetricians using our helpful data sets.

Oncology, Radiation Oncology

5,654 Contacts
Communicate with cancer and tumor specialists with our accurate email directory full of real-name contacts.

Ophthalmology, Optometrists

8,591 Contacts
Are you marketing eyeglasses, contacts, or other eye-related products? Buy this database of ophthalmologists and optometrists.

Orthopedics, Orthopedic Surgery

15,364 Contacts
This list will allow you to find and contact orthopedic surgeons and doctors specializing in the musculoskeletal system.


792 Contacts
Contact osteopathic physicians (D.O. or DO) practicing at major clinics, offices, and hospitals across the US.


9,209 Contacts
Do your research and find the correct contact information for pathologists in a few clicks. Start networking now!


23,419 Contacts
Our accurate email contact lists make getting in touch with pediatricians child’s play!


1,052 Contacts
Pull the contact information of pharmacists across Canada and communicate with the right people using our services.

Pharmacists In Canada

1,052 Contacts
Pull the contact information of pharmacists across Canada and communicate with the right people using our services.

Pharmacists In USA

17,322 Contacts
This national pharmacy database is full of reliable details: emails, titles, phone numbers, and other accurate contact information.

Physical Medicine And Rehabilitation

2,971 Contacts
Get in touch with those practicing physical medicine and rehabilitation with our downloadable PM;R email list.

Physical Therapists

10,148 Contacts
Physical therapy is an important aspect of medicine. Get this product and talk to PTs within minutes.

Physician Assistants

7,594 Contacts
Often working more directly with the public, a physician assistant or physician associate is a valuable connection.

Physicians In Canada

23,296 Contacts
Look up and find accurate contact information of Canadian physicians and doctors easily with this extensive data product.

Physicians In UK

15,907 Contacts
Find the emails, names, titles, companies, and phone numbers of UK-based doctors and physicians with a few clicks.

Physicians In USA

380,797 Contacts
Market your medical service, product, or pharmaceuticals to doctors throughout the US with the help of our human-verified directory.

Plastic Surgeons

3,404 Contacts
With our directory of contacts, get in touch with plastic surgeons at hospitals, clinics, and private practices.


602 Contacts
Feature your service, pharmaceutical, or foot-related item in emails or mailings to "foot doctors," otherwise know as podiatrists.


12,029 Contacts
Download a network of contacts in the field of psychiatry to contact experts in the study of mental disorders.


4,646 Contacts
Reach psychology experts all over the country with this comprehensive psychologist email list from the professionals at

Pulmonary Disease

1,748 Contacts
Breathe easy when you communicate with pulmonologists, experts in respiratory disease, after you pull this accurate email list.

Radiology, Diagnostic Radiology

8,856 Contacts
Market an imaging product with this directory. Find people who work hard to make accurate diagnoses: radiologists.

Registered, Nurses

86,288 Contacts
This list of registered nurses (RNs) is the perfect answer for those looking to market to nursing professionals.

Speech Lang Pathologist

1,966 Contacts
Speech-language pathologists (SLP), speech therapists, and specialized doctors relating to communication disorders can be contacted with our data.


9,935 Contacts
Find specialized surgeons with's extensive and affordable database. You can download it in minutes!

Thoracic Surgery

1,295 Contacts
This list includes the accurate contact information of heart surgeons and lung surgeons, who can be contacted today!

Urology, Urological Surgery

5,990 Contacts
Use this product to discuss your pharmaceutical solution for issues with urinary and reproductive tracts with urologists.

Veterinarians In Canada

787 Contacts
Communicate with veterinarians across Canada using our database of leads. Get the right information with a few clicks!

Veterinarians In USA

12,234 Contacts
Market an animal- or pet-related product, pharmaceutical, or service to a network of veterinarians within the United States.

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